Water Pistols Turn Into Snow Guns When Fire Into The Sub-zero Air

This is the moment Wisconsin residents discovered a fun way to enjoy the severe weather as temperatures plummeted across the Midwest. Oak Creek resident Sarah Alvarado and her family tried firing boiling water from water guns only to discover it turned into snow when it hit the air.

The family, who were caught up in the sub-zero temperatures, can be seen testing the cold climate by firing their plastic water pistols. But when they shoot the boiling water it immediately turns to powder as it hits the freezing air and falls slowly to the ground. The group made light of the severe weather as temperatures plummeted to negative 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


And people across the Midwest decided to have some fun while the severe weather gripped the country.


Though some people were able to make light of the extreme cold, the polar vortex that paralyzed the Midwest this week has caused chaos this week.

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