This is What Happens When You Get In A Moray Eel’s Personal Space

Clam down Eel…

Moray eels have a powerful bite (many divers have lost fingers), so it makes sense that this diver panicked as a moray launched itself at him.



An underwater photographer got a little bit too close for comfort while diving at a coral reef in South Africa, and was attacked by a large moray eel.

Bartosz Lukasik caught the moment he was chased by the furious fish in Sodwana Bay, South Africa on camera.




Mr Lukasik, from Poland, had been filming the eel and its mate, when one suddenly turned on him and chased him for nearly 50ft.

While moray eels do not commonly attack divers, they can lash out of they feel like their burrow is threatened.




Mr Lukasik, who is an experienced diver and underwater photographer, says he is not entirely sure why this particular eel attacked.

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