Seemingly Lazy Bulldog Is Fast As Hell In Agility Contest

Few would ever describe bulldogs as agile, but Rudy isn’t your typical bulldog.

Nobody expects to see an English Bulldog at an agility competition out there crushing it but that’s exactly what happened at the Westminster Masters this year.

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A bulldog nstole the show. Twitter couldn’t get enough of this bulldog that was fast as hell.


A border collie named Verb won the Westminster dog show agility contest on Saturday at 32.05 seconds. Yet, the Internet chose its own champion. His name was Rudy.

Rudy, a bulldog, tackled the Westminster agility course with jaw-dropping agility and endurance for a bulldog. Despite going off course briefly, Rudy recovered for a remarkable showing.


Rudy attacked the course charming viewers with unusual nimbleness for a bulldog. He finished at 46.63 seconds (51.63 after the fault), but he was blazing quick.

Bulldog enthusiasts were beyond impressed.

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