Owner Totally Shocked When German Shepherd Smashes Through A glass Door To Chase A Ball

Don’t let your pet get too excited!

This is the astonishing moment a German Shepherd smashes head first through a glass patio door before shaking it off like it was nothing. Dug’s owner got the fright of his life when the rescue dog got a little too excited while playing with his ball. As the footage begins, the pooch is already sprinting towards the exit chasing his toy, and he shows no intention of stopping as he approaches the door.





The German Shepherd crashes into the glass door head first and continues into the garden, jumping over a plant pot and a bucket before strolling around the garden like nothing happened. The owner is in complete disbelief and goes silently for several seconds before shouting: ‘Holy f***’.



Dug turns to look at his owner and at the thousands of tiny shards of glass he left behind before shaking it off. The clip, which was posted to Snapchat with the caption ‘Bruh’, was filmed in Bellflower, California, US.



Ironically, Dug seems to instantly lose interest in chasing his ball after breaking through the glass barrier as the toy can be seen rolling onto the grass and he doesn’t go near it. Maybe it was that bang on the head.



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