Instagram Fitness Model Gets Bum Bitten By a Massive Pig In Bahamas

A fitness model and Instagrammer Michelle Lewin was having a lovely holiday stroll on a Bahamas beach – until a massive pig decided to charge towards her and bite her on the arse. Not just a little nip, but a proper painful-looking mouthful.

32-year-old Venezuelan model Lewin was having fun on the beach when a gang of pigs came running over to her.


The one that got to her first bit her rear end, leaving a large mark on one cheek, prompting Lewin to run off screaming: “It bit me! It bit me!”

Lewin shared the clip to her 13.3 million Instagram followers, with over 4.5 million people having now watched the drama unfurl in less than 24 hours.


She also posted a clip of the injury on her bum, revealing a sore-looking red mark to the camera.

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