Guy Easily Moves 7ft Deep Blocks of Snow From Roof

An athletic workman was caught on camera expertly removing enormous blocks of snow from a roof in Yellowstone National Park. Kerry Countryman was visiting the park on January 14 when she came across the Canyon General Store, in Wyoming, covered in seven feet of snow.

As she watched, a member of staff methodically shovelled fridge-sized blocks of the powder and slid them down a slope. The blocks then gathered in an oddly-shaped pile as the workman raced to remove the heavy snow. In the clip, a workman thrusts his shovel underneath one of the perfectly jagged edges of the white wall. He then places a second shovel at its side, before pushing down on the tools to raise the snow into the air.


The workman then walks backwards with the huge block of snow in tow before turning to the side and letting it fall into a pile. The tourist also spotted the workman using a giant saw to clear much larger sections of snow from the store’s roof.


Yellowstone National Park is a 3,500 square-foot wilderness reserve situated on top of a volcanic hot spot. The area, which features numerous geysers, canyons and hot springs, is mostly in Wyoming but parts also reach Montana and Idaho.

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