Frisky Dolphin Gets Way Too Comfortable With Pretty Tourist

The hapless tourist got humped by a frisky dolphin.

A woman in Cuba was sitting on the edge of a dock with her arms outstretched hoping to pet a dolphin in the water. And not only did he take her up on it but he wanted MORE.

The short eight second video begins with a dark-haired holidaymaker on a pontoon interacting with a pair of dolphins. While one swims away the other jumped out of the water, landed in her lap, and started humping.


As the woman howls with laughter, the dolphin makes repeated humping motions. The dolphin opens it mouth and emits a piercing call as the woman continues to hold it back.


She doesn’t seem upset because she laughs the whole time. The clip ends there, but the person who uploaded the video says security had to step in and remove the dolphin.

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