Faithful Golden Retriever Saves Owner by Leading an Ambulance to Him After He Collapsed

A Golden Retriever is being hailed a hero for leading an ambulance to its unconscious owner in north China. The dog’s owner had collapsed in a small alleyway in Yuncheng, Shanxi province last Wednesday and local residents alerted emergency services.

Dashcam footage shows the loyal dog waiting for the ambulance in the middle of the road before running away, prompting rescuers to follow it. One of the rescuers, Jiang Xu, told video news site Pear that the dog kept looking back at the ambulance to see if it was following it. ‘After making sure we were following it, the dog then picked up speed and started running.’


The faithful retriever finally led the rescuers to a crowd surrounding the unconscious owner outside his home. The owner was collecting bottles at a neighbour’s home when he suddenly collapsed on the ground in the narrow alleyway.


Jiang said the man had passed out from drinking too much and had been treated in hospital. The owner’s son is currently taking care of his father. Many net users were moved by the dog’s devotion after the news went viral on social media.

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