Dude Fills a Leaf Blower With Powder Paint and Terrorizes His Poor Girlfriend

A prankster blasted his girlfriend with a leaf blower that was filled with powder paint. The footage, recorded at a house in Milton Keynes, showed Reuben fire paint at his girlfriend Rebekah on several occassions.

Rebekah can be seen screaming in shock and then anger as Reuben blasts her with the leaf blower in their garden, when she’s on the toilet, coming out of the bathroom and when she opens the front door. As he blasts her with the paint, he can be heard laughing to himself, amid Rebekah’s screams. He filmed his girlfriend’s furious reaction every time he terrorised her with the leaf blower.


Afterwards, he wrote: ‘I decided to fill up a leaf blower with multicoloured paints and blast Rebekah at every opportunity I got.’ The prank marked the latest in a long line of tricks the couple have played on each other.


They have a long history of pranking, with Reuben once creating a ‘ketchup bomb’ and throwing it at his girlfriend. Rebekah, meanwhile, once covered Reuben’s entire flat in wrapping paper.

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