Doggo Enthusiastically Waves at Newborn Baby in First Meeting

This is the adorable moment a dog waves excitedly as she meets a newborn baby for the first time. The pooch, called Lucy, was first introduced to the newborn child during a visit to her owner’s niece on January 7 at a home in Houston, USA.

During the encounter, Lucy can be seen standing on her hind legs and moving her front paws up and down excitedly at the child who is the child of her owner’s niece. In video footage of the cute gathering, the dog dressed in a pink harness sits next to her owner and two-week old newborn Tucker.


Lucy’s owner watches on with fondness saying ‘I like the baby’ as her pet responds well to being around Tucker. As the child’s mother, and person taking the video, says: ‘Oh my god, that is the sweetest thing.’


Describing the adorable encounter, the child’s mother said: ‘My aunt had come in from out of town with her dog Lucy and this was her first time meeting Tucker. ‘She instantly started dancing and begging next to him to get closer. She is the sweetest dog and wants to be as close to Tucker as she can.’

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