Bullied Boy Named Trump Sleeps Through President’s Speech

A boy invited to listen to Donald Trump’s State of The Union speech has been labelled a ‘hero’ for sleeping through the speech.

The US President and First Lady Melania invited several special guests to the unusually long 82-minute address at the Capitol.

Among the guest were war heroes, shooting survivors, reformed prisoners, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and 11-year-old Joshua Trump from Delaware, who was badly bullied for his surname.


Joshua was teased so much by his classmates for sharing the President’s name that his parents ultimately decided to homeschool him.

A national anti-bullying organisation awarded Joshua a medal for courage last year, which prompted the White House to invite him to the annual presidential speech.


However video of the speech shows young Joshua napping during the section of the address speaking about illegal immigration and a new trade deal.

Social media users were quick to react.
“JOSHUA TRUMP RULES,” one Twitter user wrote.

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